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Hi friends! Welcome to Cackles Corner, the place where we (Mary Ann Halloran and Ellen Hogarty) blog and share wisdom for daily living.

If you're like most people you struggle to find time to pray and are perhaps frustrated with your spiritual life. Maybe your relationships with your spouse, children, co-workers, and/or relatives, are challenging or stressful, and you're puzzled about what to do.

You want simple solutions and practical steps to come closer to God, be at peace with those you live with, and find more joy in living.

While we don't pretend to have all the answers, we have learned some things along the way. This is a place where we share with you some of the wisdom God has taught us so you can live a more fulfilled and joyful life no matter what stage of the journey you are on.

About Mary Ann

Mary Ann Halloran has been happily married to her husband Mike since 1979. They are parents to 8 children and have 15 grandchildren so far.

Mary Ann came to visit the community of the Lord's Ranch when she was only 19 years old, and after a year as a volunteer, knew she had found her life's call. Mike came to the Ranch community from Rhode Island two years later. They fell in love while milking cows together (“it was udderly romantic,” they quip) and were married by Fr. Rick Thomas, S.J.

Mike and Mary Ann raised their children while serving as missionaries in the community, which included directing an orphanage in Mexico for a year, and they continue as leaders today.

Mary Ann is a spiritual mother to many and was prophetically nicknamed “Mother Hen” by Father Thomas before she was even married. (Read about that here)

She has much wisdom and good advice to share gleaned from her experience as a wife, mother, homeschool teacher for 30 years, and dedicated follower of Jesus.

About Ellen

Ellen Hogarty was born and raised in Hawaii. While attending Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio, she went on a 3-week mission trip to the Lord's Ranch. Hearing a loud and clear call from the Lord to stay, those three weeks turned into a lifetime vocation.

After learning to milk cows and goats, prune fruit trees and grapevines, and cook for large groups, Ellen was trained as a bookkeeper in the community. Later she became personal assistant to Father Thomas and worked closely with him until his death in 2006.

Ellen became the president of the Board of Directors of Our Lady’s Youth Center after Fr. Rick's death. Click here to learn more about Our Lady’s Youth Center and its various ministries to the poor.

Why we call it “Cackles Corner”

When we started to play the guitar and sing together, Father Thomas nicknamed us “The Cackle Sisters” after a famous sister duo who sang on the Purina Radio Show. Although the real Cackle Sisters specialized in yodeling and imitating bird calls,  neither of which we can do, the name stuck.

In honor of Father Thomas, who was a spiritual father to both of us, we call our blog “Cackles Corner.”

You can listen to the real Cackle Sisters on this YouTube clip:

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We're friends, bloggers, and fellow pilgrims along this journey called life here to share some of the wisdom we've learned along the way.


Cackles Corner

We're friends, bloggers, and fellow pilgrims along this journey called life here to share some of the wisdom we've learned along the way.